Diet Coke Chicken

I’d never heard of Diet Coke Chicken before until a couple of days ago, I was looking to cook something different and we had stumbled across this. It was mainly blogged about on health and dieting sites, so it wasn’t bad for you either – bonus!

The original dish was to reduce the sauce down to a sticky sauce that coats the chicken but as we were serving it with rice I left a bit of the sauce –  for me nothing is worse than plain rice. I also added soy sauce and Chinese 5 spice to it which gave it that nice oriental flavour, but this is something you don’t have to do.

Anyway these are the ingredients you’ll need if you are to follow the dish that I made:

500g stripped chicken

12 tbsp.’s passata

1 1/2 regular size cans of diet coke

2 tspn’s of Worcester sauce

2 tspn’s of soy sauce

1 heaped tspn of 5 spice

2 red peppers

2 onions

Mushrooms ( I used chestnut mushrooms but you can use any)

2 tspn’s of Very Lazy garlic


Before you start cooking you’ll need to mix your sauce together, add to a jug the coke, passata, Chinese 5 spice, Worcester sauce and soy sauce and mix. Leave in the jug till later.

Add a good glug of olive oil to your pan and let it heat. You probably want to use a deep pan as a frying pan will be too shallow.

Mix your finely chopped onions, peppers and garlic, let them cook for a few minutes then add your mushrooms – cook for another 3-5 mins.

Add your chicken and let it cook through, don’t worry about the juices in the pan from the other ingredients this will reduce with the sauce.

Once the chicken is about cooked add the sauce that you mixed earlier.

Let it reduce down but make sure you keep stirring as it will stick to the bottom of the pan.

Reduce it down to whatever your preference is and serve with rice and/or vegetables for a delicious tasting meal, guaranteed to be a family favourite and so easy to make – Enjoy. Diet Coke Chicken